Scarf Towel Reinvented

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What is SweatSTR?

SweatSTR (pronounced Sweatster with no "e") is the latest and greatest fitness sweat absorbent

fitness product on the market.  

    Here's why....

A Towel & Scarf had a baby, and SweatSTR was born.

There are plenty of towels on the market, there are plenty of scarfs too. There is nothing like SweatSTR.

Scarf* Towel * Reinvented*

It's stylish, functional, and perfect for gym goers everywhere. We order variety of colors and stylish with pockets for iphones and ice packs. It truly is the next snuggie but for the towel industry.

Available in Variety of Colors & Styles, Patent Pending Design

100% Cotton Sweat Absorbent Material, Proudly Pieced Together in the USA. 

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